Magnolia Vintage Home & Gift -Antique Collectibles

310 E. Whittier Blvd. La Habra, CA

Magnolia Vintage Home & Gift has two Boutique pop up events twice a year. One in the Spring and one for the Holidays. This has been going on for over  10 years and has become well loved by vendors and customers! Everyone always looks forward to both of the events! 

The Coordinator, Christina Lintz was asked by the Owner, Bettina Vos, to help coordinate and organize the events, as the prior coordinator moved out of State. She has been successfully organizing and growing this event for over 2 years now. Each event has grown to upward of almost 50 vendors for each event and is a huge success!

If you are interested on being notified of upcoming events and would like to be a future vendor, please fill out the information below.