Please leave your comments and reviews of your experience being a vendor at Magnolia's Boutique Pop-Up Events! 

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Regina Carrido w/ Carridos Creations
10 months ago

Christina, Thank you so much! For always making sure us vendors are taken care of. You and your staff are very professional. Everyone goes above and beyond for us. Layla & I appreciate you very much! Also, the location is a unique gem!

a year ago

The spring boutique was an amazing experience! I met great vendors and sweet customers! It was worth being at! I can’t wait for the next!

Maral Phelps
a year ago

To start it off I always look forward to the events that they have here. I've became very close to some of them. Enjoy selling my handmade goods. Christina is such an amazing host. Make sure to stop by when there's events happening. It's a great time and very friendly. Hope to see you all

Laura Monroy
a year ago

Absolutely love being a vendor, a positive experience indeed. The care and attention to detail that Christina puts into this event is amazing. She is not only well organized she also advertises this event fabulously! Thank you so much Christina !

Irma Montelongo
a year ago

A great place for vendors and a great shop, very reasonable prices. This will be my third time being a vendor. Thank you Christina for all the hard you do to making it a great turnout.

Susan Robertson
a year ago

I had a wonderful time time last year and I can’t wait to participate again. Christina, you put so much work into this event and it is apparent to all! You are very appreciated, also, for helping and accommodating the venders, their needs, and creating beautiful fliers! ❤️!

Smelly Brothers Candle Co
a year ago

Since our company is ran by 2 minors, our focus this year has been picking quality popups instead of the quantity of pop ups. Out of 42 pop ups that we did in 2022, both Magnolia popups fell within our top 10 popups for care for the vendors and profit. I’m very happy with the communication with Christina and the hard work she puts in to make this a successful event. . You’ll be seeing the Smelly Brothers there again soon.

Sacred Lives & Essential Oils
a year ago

I’m a seasoned Vendor at Magnolia’s Boutiques for several years as well as other companies events. Magnolia is a favorite! It well run with attention to detail, advertised effectively, has excellent customer attendance, and I am very impressed with the vendor support that is superb!

Olivia’s Closet Boutique
a year ago

I have been a vendor at least twice and it’s always such a positive vibe. I keep coming back so that says it all!!